Sustainability Management Software

Sustainability Management Software on Microsoft 365

BPA sustainability management is a new module in BPAQuality365® and BPAMedical365® enabling organizations to report their emissions and better know about their carbon footprint.

Sustainability Management Software on Microsoft 365
BPA sustainability management module with BPAQuality365.

The module is integrated with other eQMS modules for continuous improvement, like value-chain processes, departments, corrective actions and others.

The sustainability management module is easy to configure based on your value-added processes and company profile. Emission factors can be mass imported from a spreadsheet in a central library. Emission calculations and reporting can be easily configured based on organizations needs.

Emissions and Sustainability Management

Emission values can be selected manually from a central library or automatically provisioned by workflows.

Emissions are grouped by scope, including direct emissions, indirect emissions, value chain and upstream processes, value chain and downstream processes.

The module leverages all Microsoft 365 technologies, like Power Automate for workflow automation. Emission values are provisioned automatically based on frequency. With BPA Teams Productivity, collaborators have productive discussions about sustainability management.

The module includes a sustainability dashboard and configurable Power BI reports to view emissions by entity, department, value-added process and by scope.

Sustainability Management Dashboard

Example of a simple sustainability dashboard.

With BPA Sustainability Management, organizations leverage their Microsoft 365 cloud and technologies to identify opportunities to improve processes, reduce environmental impact of operations and become sustainable.

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