5 Reasons Microsoft 365 Is The Right Technology For Your QMS

Microsoft constantly bring new technologies in the market and innovate the way organizations will work in the future.

Based on Microsoft 365, BPA’s QMS software directly benefits from these technologies and we continually explore new areas to develop innovating tools in the context of quality management.

We have designed powerful software extensions built on the latest Microsoft technologies, ready to be implemented by customers with no development needed, like prebuilt automated workflows with Power Automate, and generic Power Apps for incident and audit management.

With artificial intelligence we provide tools to augment human intelligence to find the right documents by asking natural questions to a chatbot.

New innovative solutions are coming for asking the QMS while chatting in Microsoft Teams, enabling instant quality improvement.

Ask QMS while chatting in Teams

Ask the QMS while discussing in teams and share cards with colleagues including QMS content.

5 Reasons Microsoft 365 Is The Right Technology For Your QMS

Here are the 5 main reasons Microsoft 365 is the right technology for your QMS:

 1. Trusted by enterprises worldwide

Microsoft 365 is trusted by millions of companies worldwide. It’s a secure and scalable platform to run your QMS with no IT risk, leveraging existing tools used by organizations.

 2. Don’t change users habits

Running your QMS software on the Microsoft tools used by collaborators daily will drastically improve adoption and make everyone an actor of your QMS, without changing users habits.

 3. Innovative technologies

Enterprises bring their QMS to the next level and discover new technology areas, like cross-functional teamworking, instant discussions, cross-system process automation, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

 4. Robust security

Microsoft has spent billions to make Office 365 a robust cloud platform and provide the best security for your QMS data.

 5. Lower cost

By leveraging acquired Microsoft technologies, organizations will drastically lower cost compared to third party QMS software and maximize return on investment.

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Benefiting from the agility and the power of the Microsoft platform, BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365 to help customers to achieve more, leveraging modern, evolving tools and exploring new technology areas.

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