QMS on Microsoft 365 – The Right Technology !

Microsoft 365 is not a QMS software but it brings all the ingredients needed for a Quality Management System, like strong collaboration capabilities with SharePoint, tools for video-conferencing and discussions with Teams, workflow automation with Power Automate, tools for Business Intelligence with Power BI, and much more.

BPA has developed the missing pieces to make Microsoft 365 a ready-for-use QMS for everyone.

QMS on Microsoft 365

QMS on Microsoft 365 – Prebuilt integrated QMS template.

With BPA QMS on Microsoft 365, we designed a prebuilt QMS template including integrated modules for compliance and continuous improvement, ready to be installed in your secure and scalable M365 environment. The software leverages SharePoint capabilities for document management, compliance-related data registers, and strong collaborative features.

BPA modular components extend SharePoint capabilities bringing a great user experience and providing the missing features needed for a performing QMS, like relational capabilities, report generation, graphical charts, eSignatures, intelligent forms, reminders, and more.

Medical on Microsoft 365

Medical App on Microsoft 365 – Compliance document eSignatures.

BPA Power Extensions boost QMS capabilities with prebuilt automated workflows (like document management, 8D nonconformity/CAPA tracking…) ready to be imported in your M365 tenant. Generic Power Apps have been designed for easy incident registration and audit execution, to be used on any device for a maximal user adoption.

With Microsoft Teams, we are working on developing new innovative features to use the QMS with discussion flows, enabling instant quality improvement, read the article: Announcing Teams QMS Extensions.

Microsoft Planner is a great tool for task management. Interfacing the QMS with Planner is a new project we are working on, read the article: Planner QMS Extensions for Better Task Management.

At BPA Solutions we aim at making everyone an actor of your continuous improvement system. We developed modern QMS Apps on Microsoft 365 to leverage existing technologies used by collaborators daily, without changing users habits, and maximizing user adoption.

Go a step further and modernize your QMS with BPA Apps and Microsoft 365.

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