Chat Forms

Announcing Teams Forms

We strongly believe in productive chatting to become the future way of working. We introduced Teams Productivity to interact with BPA software solutions while chatting in Teams and search for documents and items without leaving the chat box. Now, we are announcing Teams Forms for end users to easily register any event or request while discussing in Teams.

Select Teams Form

Select a form to complete in a Teams discussion.

Imagine you are discussing in Teams and need to assign a task related with the discussion, register a non-conformance, a sales opportunity or request for a document while chatting in Teams. This is now possible with no need to leave Teams and lose context.

Simply select a form among the available form templates. Unlike Microsoft Forms which are disconnected from the business software, Teams Forms include your business data, like list of products, stakeholders, processes… and can be assigned to internal collaborators.

Register a Teams Form

Register a non-conformance while discussing in Teams, and keep the business context.

Once submitted, the form data is saved in the BPA software and triggers automated workflows for quick treatment and resolution.

Teams Form Card

After registration, a card displays in the Teams discussion flow, ready to be shared with team members.

Power users can create forms in minutes without leaving Microsoft Teams and simply select the main list and fields to display in the form.

Teams Form Designer

Power users design Teams Forms in minutes, directly within Microsoft Teams.

Teams Forms makes it easy for end users to register forms while discussing in Teams with no need to access the BPA software, enabling the future of work.

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Dynamics 365 QMS

Dynamics 365 QMS Software

BPAQuality365 extends Dynamics 365 with a robust Quality Management – QMS software. Business Central is an ERP software with modules for finance, cash management, sales, and purchasing management.

It’s easy for users to retrieve seamless data from Dynamics 365 while filling in a form in the BPA QMS software. For instance, when registering a non-conformance, supplier data in D365 can be searched and related fields, like vendor number and city, (or others) will be automatically saved in the form. Any other data can be retrieved easily, like articles, customers, or invoices.

External data is saved in BPA and can be searched and filtered in the software, and displayed in grouped views. Furthermore it can be used in BPA reporting tools, like charts to report the number of incidents by vendor, or in Power BI reports.

The form designer lets power users add external data easily, in any form, with no coding needed.

BPAQuality365 brings Dynamics users a robust QMS software seamlessly integrated with their ERP system, sharing the same user directory, and avoiding redundant data.

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Dynamics 365 External Connector

Announcing New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

The new Dynamics 365 (Business Central) connector will be released shortly with the objective to provide seamless D365 connectivity when working in BPA software solutions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP software with modules for finance, cash management, sales, and purchasing management.

Dynamics 365 gains popularity and it becomes strategic for BPA to bring powerful QMS capabilities to the Microsoft Business Central community. The new D365 connector makes it easy to extend Dynamics 365 with robust quality management features, like compliance document, audit and nonconformity management.

When registering a supplier nonconformity in the QMS software, it’s needed to retrieve seamless data about the supplier (vendor) and the purchased article (item) from D365. A choice column allows to search for a vendor or article by typing. Related information like the vendor city, or number will be  retrieved in read-only fields.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 External Connector

Nonconformity registration form with vendor and article data from Dynamics 365.

The collected data from D365 are registered in the QMS, available for search, reporting or view grouping.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 External Connector

Supplier nonconformities grouped by D365 vendor in the QMS software.

Once a secure connection to Dynamics 365 has been established in the BPA software settings, new tools are available in BPA Form to map D365 fields with BPA columns. It’s quick and easy for power users to add D365 data in any form.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 External Connector

Form designer in the BPA software, with external data options and field mapping.

The new Dynamics 365 connector makes it easy to seamlessly connect with D365 data when working with BPA apps and avoid redundant data in different systems. Typical use cases are nonconformities linked with customers, vendors, and supplied or delivered products, audits linked with suppliers, and sales opportunities linked with customers.

The connector is soon available as a premium option (priced separately).

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Millennials & Gen Z – BPA Apps Ready for the Future of Work

Gen Z and Millennials are the next generation of workers who have grown up with new technologies, mobile devices, and social networks.

Technologies and software solutions need to adapt to this new generation of workers. Usual software solutions need to be reengineered into user-friendly apps, compliant with any device, and including similar capabilities, like social network applications.

Future of work

BPA software solutions have been designed to include these technologies, because they are built on the latest Microsoft 365 technologies, like Teams, Power Platform, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and productive discussion flows.

Because end users “consume” applications differently depending on their needs, location and device, we are convinced one single central application cannot make it for everyone. For this reason we have developed a central backend software solution and multiple frontend apps for different needs and situations.

We have built Power Apps for workers on the field and productions lines, to simply register incidents by taking photos with their mobile device, even while offline. Auditors have a generic Power Apps to simplify inspection work, answer interactive checklists with a tablet, record voice and take photos. The new equipment Power Apps makes it easy to scan a barcode to select an equipment, log verification date and photos. All these apps run on any device, with no need to purchase additional hardware.

Gen Z and Millennials are used to discuss on social networks. We strongly believe in productive chatting to become the future of work. With Microsoft Teams, we provide different apps to interact with the backend software by chatting. We are working on new features allowing end users to ask a chatbot to know about their pending items (e.g. my pending actions), or to register a new incident and get the incident form opened right in the chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is mostly used to augment human intelligence when working with data, to find correlations and similar information. We are working on cognitive search capabilities to find documents by asking a chatbot or from a Teams discussion. We introduced the “find similar” option for users to find similar documents based on machine learning. This options will soon be available to find similar nonconformities, helping users to solve incidents based on previous events. Stay tuned, these new options will be available soon!

Gen Z is coming and BPA apps are ready for the future of work.

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eQMS task management video

Introducing a Robust eQMS Task Management System

A great sales organization needs a CRM software to track daily tasks related to sales opportunities and drive sales. When a deal is signed, quality management is key to deliver the right products and services to your customers.

In the context of quality management, it’s crucial to have daily follow-up activities with important stakeholders and internal staff to make sure clients are satisfied, to drive continuous improvement, and to reduce costs.

The BPA QMS software is interfaced with Microsoft Planner for robust task management.

We have interfaced our QMS software with Microsoft Planner for robust task management. Tasks can be added easily from the software or a Teams discussion. While chatting in Teams, collaborators can ask the QMS and share interactive cards with their colleagues.

Above all, a great task management tool must provide a robust reminder system to guarantee tasks are done timely. This is the great benefit of Planner. Each collaborator get reminded about their tasks and receive one single periodical notification with all pending tasks grouped by due date.

The integration of your QMS with Planner brings a robust task management system and ensure tasks are done timely to reach your quality objectives.

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BPA Planner Integration

Announcing Microsoft Planner Integration With BPA Apps

Exciting news, it will be soon possible to use Microsoft Planner as a robust task management system together with BPA software.

With Planner, you make sure tasks are done timely thanks to a powerful reminder system and tools to view tasks in graphical boards and charts.

Task Reminder Notification

Reminder notification with user-related tasks grouped by due date.

BPA software solutions bring the business layer on the top of Planner. End users can assign a Planner task from our components in a mouse click and keep the task origin automatically. For example, starting from a non-conformance, the task will be automatically linked with it.

BPA Planner Task

Creating a task from the BPA software is straightforward. it will be automatically added to the right plan and bucket in Planner and linked with its original item in BPA.

Organizations can decide to have different Planner plans per BPA software module, so tasks will be grouped by module, for example a plan for non-conformance related tasks and another plan for audit tasks with BPAQuality365, or a plan for sales opportunities in BPACRM365. It’s even possible to send a task in a specific bucket based on configurable conditions (e.g. a task related to a customer non-conformance should go to the customer NC bucket).

Non-conformance Planner Board

Non-conformance task plan in BPAQuality365 with different buckets for customer, supplier and internal non-conformance related tasks.

Tasks related to a specific item in the BPA software can be easily filtered (e.g. by typing the non-conformance title or ID).

The Planner board view makes it very convenient to view tasks by due date or progression.

Task Board by Due Date

Example of non-conformance related tasks grouped by due date (overdue, tomorrow, this week, etc.).

The chart dashboard gives a graphical summary of all tasks in a plan, like how many overdue tasks remain or the number of tasks per bucket.

Planner Chart View

Chart view of all non-conformance related tasks, grouped by status, bucket, priority, and members with interactive task filtering options.

For a consolidated view of all QMS-related tasks, it’s best to connect to the Planner app directly. This will drastically improve your QMS task management meetings.

With the BPA Planner extension, you get a robust and performing task management system to enable continuous improvement and ensure tasks won’t be missed or overdue anymore.

The BPA Planner extension will be soon available (should be under the Christmas tree) to all customers using BPA modern solutions on M365, at no additional cost.

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Microsoft Teams

Announcing BPA Teams Productivity

Great news for our clients! BPA Teams Productivity is announced to be released soon.

Interact with your Quality software (or CRM, Medical) while chatting in Teams, share cards with colleagues and simplify task & meeting management.

BPA Teams Productivity brings the business context back to Microsoft Teams and transforms discussions into productive teamwork. The tool allows end users to interact with the QMS software – or Medical, CRM – and assign tasks or schedule meetings while chatting in Microsoft Teams.

This video goes through a typical use case where you have to discuss about a specific supplier nonconformity with your Quality team and schedule a meeting to discuss about it. Finally you want to make sure your purchasing SOP is still accurate.

BPA Teams Productivity was developed to solve similar business scenarios happening every day, making discussions productive and leveraging tasks and meeting management with Microsoft Teams.

While discussing, end users can search the QMS and share cards with team members, including links to view items in the QMS software, and buttons to schedule meetings and assign tasks.

As a conclusion, end users get a better collaboration experience and take faster decisions with productive real-time chat messages while eliminating frustration spending too much time on emails.

Turn to a new way of working with productive chatting and BPA Teams Productivity.

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BPA software solutions are registered trademarks

BPA Software Solutions Are Registered Trademarks

BPA is proud to announce its modern software solutions are now registered trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • BPAQUALITY365® is our QMS software for quality and compliance.
  • BPAMEDICAL365® is our software for medical quality and compliance.
  • BPACRM365® is our CRM software for customer relationship management.

These trademarks have been registered to be used in the software applications and software-as-a-service for quality and compliance management and customer relationship management.

BPA’s trademarks reflect our willingness to bring innovative products to our customers with a unique added value, and further develop BPA’s brand and presence in the quality & compliance sector worldwide.

Thank you for trusting BPA Solutions !

BPA software is a registered trademark

QMS task management

Planner QMS Extensions for Better Task Management

Microsoft Planner is great tool for task management, available in your Microsoft 365 subscription plan.

BPA has launched a new project to interface our QMS and other apps with Planner for better task management.

Planner tasks in BPA QMS on Microsoft 365

Planner tasks in BPAQuality365, grouped by modules in buckets.

In the context of a quality management system, task management is obviously an important topic. From a technology perspective, task management is challenging.

With Planner, Microsoft has introduced a simple tool for task management, including a great visual interface to view tasks by topics with easy drag and drop features. A robust task notification system alerts end users for assigned tasks, and remind them for late tasks. A recurring reminder alert is sent to assignees, including all upcoming or late tasks. End users can view their tasks in Planner but also in Teams and get alerts and reminders in Outlook.

Planner task reminder

A reminder alert including all upcoming tasks assigned to the end user.

Planner QMS Extensions allows to create Planner tasks from any QMS item or document and keep the source item as a link in the task for easy access by end users. Tasks can be viewed in the QMS, grouped by module in buckets. Also, we plan to have Planner tasks created from QMS cards while chatting in Teams, read more about QMS Cards in the article QMS Teams Extensions.

Good news for Microsoft Teams aficionados, your assigned tasks can be viewed directly in Teams, like workflow approval requests and QMS-related discussions.

As a conclusion, BPA Apps bring all Microsoft 365 technologies together in the context of quality and continuous improvement, and provide innovative tools for team working and collaboration without changing users habits.

While Teams and Planner QMS extensions are soon available, you can already test the latest version of our QMS app.

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Modern graphical charts

Announcing Modern Graphical Chart Components

Another great news for customers, modern chart components will be progressively released with our modern apps, and available for all clients at no additional cost.

Modern graphical charts in BPA

Modern card and gauge components, soon to be released with BPA modern apps.

BPA Chart components is a simple option for displaying consolidated graphical data in BPA Apps, with no need to manually handle data.

Our objective is to provide easy graphical reporting capabilities for clients looking for a simpler alternative to Power BI.

BPA Charts and Power BI reports can be used jointly, for example to grant access to simple reports for everyone with BPA Charts and grant access to business intelligence reports for selected users.

First chart components to be available will be cards and gauges, soon to be released.

Other chart components will come progressively, like bar charts, column charts, pie charts and others.

Stay tuned it comes soon!