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Why is BPA the Right Partner for Your Quality Management Software Project?

BPA Solutions specializes in quality management software, combining Swiss expertise in quality management with strong Microsoft 365 development capabilities to offer innovative solutions that cater to various industries and ensure security, efficiency, and adaptability.

Quality Management Is at the Heart of our Identity

BPA Solutions used to be a company that helped other businesses implement their quality management system. Back in the 1990s, we began setting up quality management systems for Swiss organizations. Our expertise in Quality Management, known as „Swiss Quality,“ and our customer-focused consulting approach are the strong pillars of BPA Solutions.

Swiss Quality Software

Expertise in Microsoft 365 and Strong Development Abilities

For the past two decades, BPA has been creating software solutions using SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to simplify quality management for our clients. We’ve built up valuable skills and know-how in Microsoft technologies, assisting customers in creating custom solutions. Our software solutions are constantly evolving based on customer feedback and needs. Our development team is highly skilled in Microsoft 365 technologies like SharePoint Framework, Teams, and AI. The combination of our quality and compliance expertise along with Microsoft 365 development skills positions us as leaders in Microsoft 365 QMS software.

Smart, Agile, and Innovative Solutions

We offer user-friendly software solutions that empower employees to enhance product and service quality on various devices and platforms. We integrate innovative technologies to pave the way for intelligent quality management and the future of work. Our comprehensive range of software solutions covers quality and medical compliance, including M365-powered features such as AI, productive discussions in Teams, automated workflows, Power Apps, and integration with Dynamics 365. Our adaptable components and agile solutions cater to various industries like manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

Make Everyone Understand Processes

Strong and Secure Software Framework

Our software engineering team follows reliable development methods based on scrum and agile principles. We adhere to Microsoft’s best practices to ensure our products are high-performing and secure. Our team is certified in the latest Microsoft development technologies. Our quality assurance team conducts thorough manual and automated tests across development, staging, and pre-release environments, guaranteeing resilient software for our clients. Microsoft 365 offers robust security features like multi-factor authentication, encryption for data in transit, file-level encryption for data at rest, protection against viruses and cybercrime, tools for privacy and security, and file recovery options in case of attacks.

Secure QMS Software

Flexible Project Delivery

Drawing from our experience with over 200 clients, we’ve developed an agile project approach for implementing our solutions. We empower clients to quickly adapt the software to their needs through knowledge transfer to power users. We’ve pre-built solutions and automated workflows to meet common organizational requirements. As a result, we’ve significantly reduced the time and cost associated with implementation compared to traditional software projects.

A Dedicated Team Focused on Core Processes

BPA is an efficient organization with offices in Switzerland and the US. We concentrate on three core teams and processes: marketing and sales, project delivery, and software development. We’re experiencing organic growth, reinvesting profits to enhance our teams, develop expertise, create innovative products, and establish our Quality Management System based on ISO 27001.

Shift To Quality Industry 4.0

Simplify Document Management and Meet Regulations

Managing compliance documents can be quite challenging. Many organizations handle different versions of the same documents across various platforms. As a result, users often share documents through email and spend considerable time searching for the right ones.

The document control feature in the eQMS software includes all the ready-made setups required for an efficient document management system. It covers the entire document lifecycle, from creation to archiving. It keeps track of document approvals and ensures that users comprehend the documents. Shifting to BPA eQMS solutions can significantly cut costs and provide a more engaging experience for collaborators. You can calculate your potential savings here.

Most regulations specify that only authorized users can approve documents. BPA’s eSignature component enhances SharePoint capabilities for document signing. This tool necessitates users to reconfirm their identity when approving documents to ensure compliance. Once signed, a timestamp is added to the document, and the eSignature becomes invalid if the document is altered. Our preconfigured workflows ensure that only authorized users can sign documents for specific workflow steps, preventing the same signer from endorsing multiple steps.

Reduce Manual Work With Document Automation

Leveraging our experience with numerous clients, we’ve developed automated workflows using Power Automate that cover the entire document lifecycle. These workflows encompass document requests, identification, review, approval, publication, training, revision, and archiving. They address common organizational needs and can be easily customized to suit individual client requirements. With our ready-to-use document control software, clients can significantly reduce manual effort and launch their high-quality Document Management System (DMS) within a few days, not months!

The Document Power Apps simplify access to documents on smartphones, even in offline mode, for frontline users. The app includes a barcode scanner that enables users to view the latest published version of a procedure or work instruction by scanning a barcode. Users can easily browse documents by process and sub-process and access their favorite documents with a simple touch.

BPA Document Power Apps

The prevalent practice of sharing documents via email consumes valuable time. With BPA Reminders, users receive a single notification for all pending document approvals or required training. Intelligent reminders ensure that documents are approved promptly and relevant individuals are trained on critical procedures.

Microsoft Teams serves as a real-time discussion platform, replacing email frustration. Through Teams Productivity, users can request pending document approvals or training from a chatbot and search for any document directly from the chat box in Teams. Sharing documents during real-time discussions is the new effective way of collaboration among team members. A document card is inserted into the discussion flow, offering options to view the document, create follow-up tasks, and schedule meetings. The „Find similar“ feature helps users easily locate related documents while discussing.

Improve Teamwork Productivity With Real-Time Discussions

BPA Cognitive Search enhances human capabilities by allowing users to ask common questions to a chatbot when searching for documents. The AI algorithm rapidly provides a list of the most suitable documents. The „Find similar“ intelligent search refinement system enables users to discover relevant documents based on their own similarity patterns like never before.

The document control software module is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Power BI, offering limitless reporting options. Among the compelling DMS-related reports, the document training matrix stands out as an interactive business intelligence report that simplifies document training tracking and speeds up decision-making. Users gain instant insights into which collaborators require training on specific documents.

Innovative QMS Software

Top Benefits Quality Managers Can Achieve With BPA QMS Software Solutions

BPA’s main objective is to lead your Quality team towards excellence with a game-changing digital Quality Management System that simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, and encourages collaboration across your entire organization.

Make the QMS Understandable by All Collaborators

We designed an eQMS software to make quality management accessible and understandable for all stakeholders, ensuring clarity and empowering employees to actively participate in raising product quality and service standards. The software features an intuitive interface accessible across devices such as phones and computers. This accessibility extends to interactive discussions, promoting active involvement from all users. By fostering a collaborative environment, a culture of continuous improvement is cultivated. Employees become invested in the enhancement of the products and services they contribute to.

Quality Management

Elevate Product Quality

The potential of instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative platforms is harnessed to enable efficient communication and teamwork within your organization and with external partners. This integration leads to an elevated product quality through effective coordination and the sharing of knowledge. With Power Apps, we ensure all events are reported easily with any device, which produce more data to analyze and leads to better product quality and continuous improvement.

Eliminate Errors and Manual Tasks

Our QMS incorporates advanced process automation to expedite approvals, decision-making, and critical tasks. This automation allows your quality team to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing product quality and upholding certifications. We designed preconfigured process automation to match typical organizations needs and start improving quality right away. Power automate workflows integrate with dozens of technologies, like ERP systems, avoiding redundant data and inefficiencies.

Energy EQMS

Navigate Regulations with Ease

Irrespective of your industry or geographical region, achieving compliance becomes easier with our integrated eQMS software. Designed to uphold principles of continuous improvement, the system aligns with various quality, health, security, sustainability, and product regulations. This proactive approach helps mitigate the risk of fines and legal complications. We make regulations easy to understand when navigating in the software and view relevant documents and processes per regulation.

Leverage Technological Advancements

Harness the power of AI-driven capabilities within our QMS. From recognizing similar items or documents to expediting the problem-solving process, AI enhances productivity and process efficiency. This leads to significant savings in time and resources. Our modern software solutions embrace an array of cutting-edge technologies, including instant messaging, process automation, mobile solutions, AI, and business intelligence. By aligning with your company’s digitalization goals, you can not only keep up with the competition but also stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape.

Collaboration and communication

With our innovative Quality Management software, your company can enter in the digital era, delivering exceptional products and services while effortlessly complying with regulations. Empower your workforce, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement with our cutting-edge eQMS software.

Sustainability Management Software

Sustainability Management Software on Microsoft 365

BPA sustainability management is a new module in BPAQuality365® and BPAMedical365® enabling organizations to report their emissions and better know about their carbon footprint.

Sustainability Management Software on Microsoft 365
BPA sustainability management module with BPAQuality365.

The module is integrated with other eQMS modules for continuous improvement, like value-chain processes, departments, corrective actions and others.

The sustainability management module is easy to configure based on your value-added processes and company profile. Emission factors can be mass imported from a spreadsheet in a central library. Emission calculations and reporting can be easily configured based on organizations needs.

Emissions and Sustainability Management

Emission values can be selected manually from a central library or automatically provisioned by workflows.

Emissions are grouped by scope, including direct emissions, indirect emissions, value chain and upstream processes, value chain and downstream processes.

The module leverages all Microsoft 365 technologies, like Power Automate for workflow automation. Emission values are provisioned automatically based on frequency. With BPA Teams Productivity, collaborators have productive discussions about sustainability management.

The module includes a sustainability dashboard and configurable Power BI reports to view emissions by entity, department, value-added process and by scope.

Sustainability Management Dashboard

Example of a simple sustainability dashboard.

With BPA Sustainability Management, organizations leverage their Microsoft 365 cloud and technologies to identify opportunities to improve processes, reduce environmental impact of operations and become sustainable.

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chatGPT for quality management

What Does AI Bring to Your Quality Management System?

BPA Solutions has explored different AI tools and their usage for quality management, such as chatbots, object detection, and prediction.

Innovative Software for Better Quality

Ask a chatbot to search the QMS and share interactive cards with your colleagues in real-time discussion flows.

AI is everywhere but what can it really bring to you Quality Management System?

As a software editor in the Microsoft ecosystem, we are investigating AI tools based on MS technologies in the context of quality management. AI models are used to simplify tasks such as prediction, form/document processing, object detection, category classification, and entity extraction.

At BPA, we mostly work on AI models to identify key elements in the text and classify them into predefined categories. This model allows users to ask common questions to a chatbot (in Microsoft Teams) and get relevant content from your eQMS, like my pending actions, or last published documents. Also, we use AI to search for similar documents or non-conformances and simplify problem solving. These tools provide a new way to use the eQMS with productive real-time discussions, avoiding cumbersome email processes, and simplifying user experience. We recently introduced these AI tools to the market as powerful eQMS extensions.

We have investigated the object detection AI model which is interesting for quality control operations, or inventory management. However, this model needs to get trained with thousands of photos. For equipment verification, we developed a Power Apps with a barcode scanner to quickly identify equipment with no need to train an AI model which is costly and long with potential inaccuracies as a result.

This leads to always consider time, cost and results when using AI.

Prediction AI models are used to analyze patterns in historical data that you provide and predict future outcomes. This is used for preventive equipment maintenance or statistical process control.

Can ChatGPT Help in the Context of Quality Management?

ChatGPT is not (yet) able to index the whole content from your eQMS software. It has been designed to retrieve content from the whole Internet community. In this context, ChatGPT could assist quality managers to make informed decisions and enforce good quality management practices.

chatGPT for quality management

By combining contextual data from your eQMS with domain of expertise, ChatGPT can provide guidance to Q-Managers and simplify quality management.

BPA is investigating possible ways to use ChatGPT and combine contextual eQMS content with domain of expertise. For example, asking for possible corrective actions for a temperature excursion non-conformance with a pharmaceutical product, or asking for possible root causes for such a non-conformance. This could bring significant improvements in the quality landscape.

Enable the Future of Quality

With the BPA QMS software, users become active participants in improving the quality of products and services across different devices such as phones and platforms, like AI and discussions, enabling the future of work and reaching smart quality. With Microsoft 365, we leverage existing technologies used by collaborators on a daily basis and enable innovative tools to simplify quality management.

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BPA Document Power Apps

Your Docs in the Pocket with the BPA Document Power Apps

The document power apps is a generic app to simplify access to documents with any device, anywhere even while offline. The app is ready to be used with the BPA eQMS software on Microsoft 365.

BPA Document Power Apps introduction video.

In the BPA software, compliance documents are prepared, approved, published and we make sure collaborators read and understand their related published documents. A barcode is automatically generated for each document.

The barcode reader integrated in the document Power Apps provides a quick and easy way to open a document with no need of an extra scanning device, for example an equipment verification procedure by scanning a barcode on the equipment, or an incoming inspection checklist by scanning the barcode at the inspection desk.

Documents can be easily accessed by selecting a process and a sub process. Documents open in full screen with zoom in option and quick navigation in pages.

The breadcrumb makes it easy to navigate in processes and documents. For offline use, documents can be downloaded in your device.

Simply select a document as a favorite to retrieve it in one click from the favorite documents.

The search form lets you find documents by title, identification, process or sub process.

You can change the app display to dark or clear mode and select your own logo and picture for the home page.

Accessing documents has never been so easy and fun. Use your own device with no need of extra scanner or hardware. Avoid manual work, save cost and make sure everyone access the last approved version of published documents easily.

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BPA website 2023

BPA’s New Website is Live

Great news! BPA’s new website is live with a focus on our 2 main software solutions for quality management and medical compliance, and the numerous power extensions boosting user experience when using our software across different devices and technologies.

BPA website 2023

BPA’s new website is live.

The home page video highlights benefits of our solutions to engage everyone in improving the quality of the delivered products and services, leveraging existing client assets and unleashing the power of innovative Microsoft 365 technologies.

When visiting the quality & risk software page, the new banner video summarizes how our eQMS software simplifies quality management with AI, productive discussions and mobile solutions and help organizations to shift to the future of work.

We hope you will like the modern website design and content.

Happy surfing !

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QMS Teams Forms

Introducing BPA Teams Forms

Conversations are the human way to work. With BPA Teams Forms users register events in the QMS while discussing in Teams and transform discussions into productive teamwork.

BPA Teams Forms 2min introduction video.

Microsoft Teams allows cross-functional teamworking. From a real-time discussion, team members can log a QMS event, like a non-conformance, a document request or any other form, without losing context and continue the productive discussion flow.

Once registered, the form data is sent to the QMS and automated workflows start to alert the concerned persons.

With AI, we have added a new way to get a form by asking common questions to a chatbot, for example “new doc” or synonyms to request for a new document.

Once the form is submitted, an approval workflow starts. If the request is approved a new draft document will be added in the QMS, ready to be completed by authors and published for end users.

Any form can be created in minutes by power users, including all type of fields, like text, dates, numeric, choice, lookups and more. With Teams Forms, users retrieve contextual data from the QMS, like products, processes, etc.

Make sure all events are logged in your QMS providing more data to analyze and contributing to continuous process improvement. With Teams Forms and AI, end users register events easily while chatting, enabling productive discussions and smart quality.

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Document App

Announcing New Document Power Apps

The user experience when accessing documents with a mobile device is not always the best, until you are familiar with SharePoint options and apps.

The Document Power Apps is a generic app for employees to access compliance documents easily on any mobile device, like phones, tablets. The app was developed for frontline workers who need access to procedures and work instructions on the field or on production lines.

Document Power Apps

Viewing documents in the Power Apps is a great user experience.

In the BPA software, approval workflows make sure compliance documents are approved prior being published in the Doc Power Apps, together with a unique barcode.

The Doc Power Apps includes a barcode reader to preview a document by scanning a barcode. The barcode can be appended on any document, equipment or workplace referring to a specific document. For example, the incoming inspection procedure would be directly accessible from the entrance control workplace, or the verification procedure would open by scanning a barcode on the equipment. This makes sure the last published version of the document displays and not an older copy.

Process View in Document Power Apps

Browse documents easily by process and sub process in the Document Power Apps.

Users browse the app to access documents by process and sub process, and preview documents directly in the application. Documents can be downloaded on your device to be available while offline.

The favorite option lets users pinning important documents for a quick access.

Favorites in Document Power Apps

Access favorite documents in one touch.

Clients can configure the app home page with their logo and photo.

Two modes are available for end users, dark or clear mode.

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BPA is hiring a Junior Quality Technician

ASQ WCQI Conference 2023

As a sponsor at the WCQI conference in Philadelphia (PA) on May 7-10, we will present innovative QMS software solutions for everyone to improve the quality of the delivered products and services across different devices (phones, tablets..) and platforms (AI, productive discussions, Microsoft 365) to shift to smart quality and the future of work..

Visit us on our „QMS on Microsoft 365“ booth to have an interactive live presentation of our solutions, and learn how the latest technologies can simplify quality management and enable productive teamworking.

See you soon in Philadelphia.