Integrated Quality + Information Security Compliance with Office 365 & BPA Apps

Combining Quality + Information Security – like required by ISO 27001 or GDPR – with BPA Quality on SharePoint/Office 365.

There are a lot of similarities in ISO clauses/chapters for quality (9001), environment (14001), information security (27001), health and safety (45001) and others. This means organizations can use the same tools to setup a “global compliance system”.

Continual improvement is best described by the Deming’s wheel (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Processes, objectives, risks, documents, audits, etc. are the tools to support continual improvement regardless the standards in place.

Let’s follow the PDCA approach to integrate an information asset register with your existing QMS, like required by ISO 27001 or GDPR regulations. For each value-added process, it’s required to identify data/document flows, what kind of data/document is stored and how.

This video presents a scenario to integrate information security with BPA Quality on Office 365, by simple configuration with no code.

In this example, we start from the overall value-added process map and drill down a process to view related compliance documents, audits, indicators, etc. The process data flow has been published in the QMS document library.

The information asset register has been created in the BPA app starting from an existing Excel register. Information assets are added with their required attributes, like data classification, retention and others. Significant assets with sensitive customer data requires a risk analysis. Controls need to be applied for assets with sensitive data.

The same approach can be used for environmental aspect, health and safety registers.

As a conclusion, it is possible to extend your QMS to a global compliance system by integrating new processes. Using a digital app like BPA, you can convert any spreadsheet to a new data register and connect it with the existing modules for continual improvement.

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How Technology Supports Business Continuity During Crisis

Like other countries, Switzerland – where BPA is headquartered – has closed all schools until April 30th, shut down all public places as well as outdoor sports facilities and parks. Everyone who can is advised to stay home in order to help protect the most vulnerable people in our society and slow down the spread of COVID-19.

The health and safety of each collaborator is our first priority, since more than a week all BPA employees are working from home. We have canceled all travel plans and moved any in-person meetings with our customers, partners and suppliers to online meetings.

We don’t expect any interruption of our services during the COVID-19 period. Most of our clients run BPA apps with their Office 365 tenant and Microsoft is working hard to maintain environments running, even if they are more solicited as usual. Our teams are dedicated to ensure service continuity to all our customers and partners. Having our complete value chain digitalized in the cloud makes things easier for BPA to ensure business continuity and support our customers at each stage of their projects without interruption.

BPA apps for Quality, CRM, GDPR meet quality, environmental, health & safety and information security regulations. Organizations use BPA apps to store SOPs (e.g. emergency situation SOP like COVID-19), good practices, problem-solving processes, events, risks and actions for continual improvement. Identified health and safety risks are monitored in our apps with their related controls to mitigate impact/occurrence and ensure each collaborator is safe.

During these challenging times you can count on BPA and our cloud-based Apps to support you. We offer a no-cost 1-day package with a consultant to start your quality, health, safety… project (conditions to be discussed with BPA).

Stay safe !