BPA GDPR Compliance on Office 365

GDPR Compliance Simplified – App Introduction Video

BPA GDPR Compliance is a preconfigured app to simplify data privacy compliance and reduce the cost to be GDPR compliant. The app is ready to be downloaded from the Microsoft store and installed in your Microsoft Office 365 tenant.

Integrating all needed tools in a preconfigured template, BPA GDPR Compliance simplifies your GDPR journey, facilitates data privacy compliance which will leverage your company image and transparency.

View a short BPA GDPR Compliance introduction video below and ask us for a free trial today.

Benefits of Moving Your BPA Software to the Cloud

Some recent impressive statistics show that 400 000 organizations use SharePoint and 70% of all SharePoint users are in the cloud (Microsoft, May 2018).

Moving to the cloud brings huge benefits and savings for companies of all sectors and sizes.

BPA Cloud Benefits

A Forrester study demonstrated Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321% with a payback period of two months for the composite midsize organizations. The study lists monetary benefits – more than $1M over 3 years – a midsize organization can expect: savings from reduced IT support effort, savings from substituted Microsoft licenses, savings from eliminated hardware, etc.

By transitioning to the cloud, you have additional benefits, like better security and service availability. Moving your software to Office 365 cloud simplifies your process to be GDPR compliant.

Microsoft is adding a bunch of new services to the cloud. With Office 365, you will benefit from more capabilities, like advanced workflow tools and connectors, powerful mobile apps and the most advanced reporting solutions. New technologies for AI and machine learning are now available in the Microsoft cloud.

The last 3 years, BPA has invested a lot of effort to make its solutions available with Office 365 and SharePoint online. The same user experience that makes our solutions unique is now offered in the cloud. Starting today, new apps and features will be developed for our cloud customers in priority, like a GDPR Compliance app, an e-signature module and more to come.

Take this opportunity to move your existing BPA software to the cloud and save even more with our time-limited offering. We offer our customers FREE migration services + a special software discount to move to Office 365. This offer is valid until September 30, 2018.

Contact us to know more about this time-limited offering.

Cost Saving

Calculate Your Cost Savings with a Digital Solution

It’s not easy to deliver engaging, efficient experiences when you’re held back by pen-to-paper-based processes.

A digital solution offers a centralized location where organizations can efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute information.

Cost Saving

For the quality/regulatory department, information typically includes forms (audits, incidents, non-conformances, CAPA, indicators, risks, equipment maintenance, training, etc.) and quality/regulatory documents. By giving collaborators quick and easy access to the information they need anytime and anywhere, digital systems help employees focus more time on their core activities.

What are cost saving opportunities with a digital regulatory compliance solution?

  • Electronic forms enforce collaborators to enter consistent information quickly and easily, reducing errors and manual rework.
  • Automated workflows accelerate the process of creating and distributing forms and documents across devices and platforms.
  • A digital system prevents collaborators to retype data at some point during the process thanks to data relations and automated reporting tools.
  • No paper processing is needed anymore, saving printing, scanning, postage and archiving costs.
  • Users spend a huge amount of time each day searching for information — an average of 37 minutes or 8% of the work day. Digital search tools can reduce search time by up to 50%.

Let’s crunch the numbers to see how much money your organization/department can save with BPA’s solutions.