Tips From Townsend: BPA Reminder Tool

There’s no way to remember to touch base with every client, every week. Right? Wrong! BPA’s CRM solution includes a custom tool that allows you to make sure you reach out to every prospect, every client, at the right interval. Introducing the BPA Reminder Tool, our secret weapon to build better relationships. This intuitive, wizard-like tool configures everything about your reminders:

  • Scheduling periodic emails,
  • Specifying lists/views to watch,
  • Setting specific conditions to trigger emails,
  • Changing the sender address to customize your communication strategy,
  • Setting prescribed recipients, and
  • Customizing the content contained in the subject and body of your email to include variables from your list data.

Every customer receives royal treatment with the push of a few buttons!

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BPA is part of Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint Program

BPA Solutions has been selected by the Microsoft Corporation as a member of the Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) partner program based on the depth of their SharePoint and Line-of-Business (LOB) system expertise. BCSP includes top solution and service providers worldwide who focus on advanced SharePoint scenarios including LOB Connectivity and Enterprise Search to drive adoption, productivity, and ROI across the organization, while leveraging existing IT investments.

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BPA Solutions’s BCSP solution can help your company bridge the gaps across your existing systems and teams, and provide an entirely new search experience with intelligent results tailored to you from any source.

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Provide access to data anywhere to anyone at your company

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Break down IT system and communication siloes across teams

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Find just the right results from any source and take action

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