Quality tools

Drive Business Success with Quality Tools

Quality tools are indispensable in quality management because they provide structured methodologies, enable data-driven decision-making, enhance process efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the delivery of high-quality products and services, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. 8D Problem-Solving 8D problem solving is a systematic and structured approach used by organizations to identify, analyze, and solve complex […]

SMACA and BPA partnership

SMACA & BPA Solutions Enter into a Technological Partnership

On September 25 2023, SMACA & BPA Solutions enter into a technological partnership agreement based on many common motivations. The two companies loudly and clearly demonstrate the ambition to offer modern, flexible and innovative educational and IT solutions to their current and future customers. SMACA SA is a Swiss training center based on an innovative […]

Secure QMS Software

Why is BPA the Right Partner for Your Quality Management Software Project?

BPA Solutions specializes in quality management software, combining Swiss expertise in quality management with strong Microsoft 365 development capabilities to offer innovative solutions that cater to various industries and ensure security, efficiency, and adaptability. Quality Management Is at the Heart of our Identity BPA Solutions used to be a company that helped other businesses implement […]

Shift To Quality Industry 4.0

Simplify Document Management and Meet Regulations

Managing compliance documents can be quite challenging. Many organizations handle different versions of the same documents across various platforms. As a result, users often share documents through email and spend considerable time searching for the right ones. The document control feature in the eQMS software includes all the ready-made setups required for an efficient document […]

Innovative QMS Software

Top Benefits Quality Managers Can Achieve With BPA QMS Software Solutions

BPA’s main objective is to lead your Quality team towards excellence with a game-changing digital Quality Management System that simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, and encourages collaboration across your entire organization. Make the QMS Understandable by All Collaborators We designed an eQMS software to make quality management accessible and understandable for all stakeholders, ensuring clarity and […]

Quality Management, AI & Teamworking

Simplify Quality Management with AI & Teamworking

BPA Teams Productivity allows to interact with the QMS software while discussing in Teams, reducing the number of emails and taking faster decisions. Boost teamwork productivity with BPAQuality365 & Microsoft Teams. At BPA, we think productive discussions will be the future of work. We developed tools to bring the business context back in Microsoft Teams […]